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Jack Dantam ......Justin Daish


Appearing in his first acting role since sixth form, Justin is better known as a guitarist. He leads acclaimed group the Shadowers, playing theatres and conventions in the UK and Europe accompanying various stars of the sixties, including past and present members of the Shadows. In addition to occasional gigs in pubs and clubs, Justin performs his solo act for corporate and private events throughout the country. He has also become one of the busiest and well-regarded care home entertainers in the South West. His recent pastime of writing off small hatchbacks has now ended

Eliza Little ..........Carina Clarke

Carina works in Pastoral Support in a Secondary School. Her most recent acting credit was playing Martha Brown ( the last woman to be hanged in Dorset) in the trailer for ‘Love Lies a Bleeding.’ She loves film and is an avid reader consuming novels faster than the speed of light which incidently fits with her other overriding passion for all things science fiction. Dr Who’s number one fan !

Sinead Kearns ...Maria Langford


Maria is delighted to be involved with IWILLfim on the project, "The Other Side of the Lake" in the role of Sinead Kearns. As a Head of Performing Arts at a secondary school, she is usually found on the other side of a performance, in the director's chair! In her spare time, Maria enjoys performing and directing with amateur theatre companies, and is currently in rehearsals for the role of Joanne in an upcoming production of 'Rent', which is being performed this September in Surrey. Other recent successes include playing The Witch in 'Into the Woods', Woman 3 in 'Personals' and directing an outdoor production of 'The Shakespeare Revue'.

Joe Kearns.........George Flint

Tom..........Tristan Semon-Ward


Tristan is 17 years old and currently studying Theatre Studies with an aspiration to study Musical Theatre at drama school. Tristan’s first professional role was at the age of 6 (2004) playing the part of “Young Anthony” in Northern Ballet’s “Swan Lake”. In February 2007 he played the role of “Gavroche” in the Cameron Mackintosh Production of “Les Miserables”. He had several runs at the Queens Theatre finishing in Dec 2010. In addition he has appeared as “”Will” in the Conker Media Production of “The Well” for the BBC. He has modelled for “Cambridge
University Press” and has also appeared in commercials and student films. In addition to his weekly performing arts class, every year Tristan participates in a local theatrical production in aid of “CHASE” Children’s Hospice. The roles Trstan has played in these productions include: Marius in 'Les Miserables', Ren in 'Footloose'  Oliver in 'Oliver!
and The Phantom in 'Phantom of the Opera. ' Tristan has a degree in Musical theatre




Peter ........Isaac Woodward

Isaac is most well -known for his roles with YAOS including Simon Stride (Jekyll & Hyde), Ernie (Sister Act), Phra Alak in The King & I, and ‘Please come home’ His most recent performance was in West Side Story playing the role of Chino. Isaac has worked a great deal with Rosita Clarke in the past and played Angel Clare in the promotional video of ‘Love lies a Bleeding.’ He was in the 2014  award winning video for ‘Done in Sixty Seconds’

Isaac enjoys singing, computer design, World Geography and Football especially supporting Yeovil Town FC

Mary Dantam .Amie Margetts

Martha Hand ......Amy White

Daniel Hand ...............Sparkie

Sparkie has a multitude of talents. As well as acting ( first appearing as the novelist and poet Thomas Hardy) and sound recordist he constructed the studio sets used in The Other Side of The Lake and over many years has made furniture and props for live theatre productions too numerous to mention. He loves all aspects of natural history and wildlife, politics, radio 4 and of course Film

Christian Hand........Dan Clarke

Jacob Hand ..Dan Entwhistle


Dan is primarily an artist, trained in natural history illustration, but looking to move into portrait painting. A man of many talents, he loves the countryside, fishing and walking as well as film of course, being especially obsessed with horror cinema, particularly European and Australian films (they're far more interesting and bleak). Dan also loves  Southampton FC and the mighty Cedric. This is Dan's acting debut

Joshua Carter........Jim Burke

Jim Burke is a native of Dublin, Ireland. He has written several short stories for the Ireland’s Own magazine and others. Jim has also won prizes for stories he’s written for competitions. The film “The other side of the Lake” is based on a short story, “Lost Love” by Jim which he wrote about fourteen or fifteen years ago. He is interested in writing and acting as well as other things

Michael Stokes ....Mick White

 Squire Boswell...Andy Helson

Adeline  .......Linda Mumford

Caleb .......Jay Ramsay

Boone .......Jimmy Arthur

Parson Woodruff....Luke Mouland

Maryann........Megan Elliot

Mary Carter.......Petra Osborne

Emily Hand .....Megan Clarke

Customs Officer ...Cameron Thrower.

Customs Man..Chris Osborne

Reuben.......Paul Osborne

Mistress Tanner.....Holly Robson

and children Archie and Georgina

Full time mummy, part time hotel Manager, with years spent on the am dram circuit with the burning regret she never really gave it a proper shot?! Holly is currently studying to become an assessor in the hospital trade.

Archie is 6 and Georgina is 4. 


Girl at Fair............Elly Fenton

Megan's  main interest is computer gaming particularly playing The Sims and Minecraft. She is also keen on Japanese Anime and Manga, watching videos and drawing characters of her own in the Japanese style.She loves animals especially cats and she enjoys having sleepovers with her friends but not to sleep of course. she HATES sleep! She describes herself as a bit of a tomboy who dislikes the colour pink.

Megan also appeared in the trailer for Love Lies A Bleeding



Extras: Karen Baney, Jon Margets, Alice Ralph

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