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'The Other Side of the Lake'

   A Drama based on the short story          'Lost Love' by Jim Burke



The Other Side of The Lake is set in Dorset, England with its notorious smuggling history, Jurassic Coast, breathtaking scenery and popular tourism industry.


Drifting between the 18th and 21st centuries the film explores the reckless yet enduring nature of true love and the troubled nature of a imaginative teenage boy's mind.


Tom Kearns is 15 years old and on holiday with his parents, staying in an old, recently renovated house. Tom finds his bedroom strangely familiar, 'odd', and soon after the family's arrival Tom begins to feel that he is not himself. 

Tom hears a story from his new friend Peter and so he becomes more and more inextricably linked to the lives of Jack Dantam and Eliza Little who lived and died tragically so many years before.


Late 18th century and Jack Dantam, a notorious smuggler, is in love with a woman of reasonable means, Eliza Little, who lives alone in a house on the outskirts of a coastal village. Their affair is decadent and passionate.  They are in love and swear to each other they will never be parted. The community stand and pull together in dangerous times.


Is Tom ill? His parents think so.  

Is Tom the catalyst to finally reunite the lost lovers? Eliza and Jack think so? 

But what is real? 







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