Screen Shots

The Lives of Thomas and Emma Hardy 1889-1892 ,Martha and John Brown  1851-1856 and the fictional Tess of the d'Urbervilles are  interwoven in a haunting indictment of Victorian Hypocrisy, Injustice and Intolerance 

Hardy leaving his house at Max Gate, Dorchester



Hope Durbeyfield

Martha and John Brown - That fateful night

The Walk to the Scaffold

The Jury at the trial of Martha Brown

Screen shot : Hardy at his desk writing Tess of the D`Urbervilles. 1891 at

Max Gate, Dorchester




Hardy talks to his friend William Barnes

Angel and Tess running from the law

Angel and Tess surrounded -

First Light .....

Condemned to death

The Trial of Martha Brown

Hardy conjures up Tess meeting Angel Clare