Love Lies a Bleeding  


The  original screenplay by Rosita Clarke


A Hanging  and 35 years later the sexually charged lives of Thomas. Martha and Tess, Touch, Merge and Collide in a condemning indictment of Victorian Hypocrisy and Injustice.


‘As the black flag flies signaling the public execution of Martha Brown

outside Dorchester Prison, the 16 year old Thomas Hardy witnesses the

hanging and so it becomes a lifelong haunting. Thirty five years later

at a time when Hardy  is struggling with a failing marriage  

to  Emma, that sexually charged moment which was so deeply impressed in his psyche, re-emerges in the writing of his controversial novel Tess of the d’

Urbervilles and he loses his heart to his own fictional character.

Hardy’s mindset towards the natural order of things in this troubled

period, 1889-1892 , his excitation and sympathy with the murderess

Martha Brown the last woman to be publicly hanged in Dorset in 1856,

his relationship with his wife Emma, his infatuation with other women

and his love affair with his own fictional heroine is explored and the

film becomes a condemning indictment of the injustice, intolerance and

hypocrisy towards Victorian women. Lives and hearts are inextricably

interwoven and Hardy has to stand up bravely to his critics when Tess

is published. Hardy becomes wealthy and famous, but his public persona

is at odds with the private one, he cannot be the same again, and all

his bleakness and pessimism towards life increases further as he begins

his last published novel Jude the Obscure


 Hardy will always be in great demand and

 this screenplay which runs

approximately two hours has the scope to be a feature or it could be screened in parts or episodes.

It also has the potential to be continued...........